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All of our nuts are certified Kosher.

We are pleased to let you know all of Sunnyland’s raw, toasted, and mixed nut varieties are certified Kosher.  


"One of the myths about kosher certification is that the process consists of a rabbi blessing the food. That’s not what happens.

Kosher is a biblical term that means “fit” or “proper.” Its most common usage is to denote the types of foods permitted to eat according to Jewish Law. Over time, it has been incorporated into daily vernacular to mean that something is genuine, legitimate, or official.

Simply put, kosher."


The Pecan certification process was conducted by the Atlanta Kashruth Commission under the supervision of Rabbi Reuven Stein.

The Toaster certification process was conducted by the Atlanta Kashruth Commission under the supervision of David Kayser and Rabbi Moshe Shkarofsky.