Large Pecan Pieces

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Home Box
Home Box
1-Pound "D-I-Y" Bags
Home Box

#50 - - 2lb 14oz
#51 - - 5lb 8oz
#52 - - 10lb
#53 - - 25lb
#4050 - - Case of 4 #50 - 11lb 8oz total
#6050 - - Case of 6 #50 - 17lb 4oz total
#3051 - - Case of 3 #51 - 16lb 8oz total
#5051 - - Case of 5 #51 - 27lb 8oz total
#2052 - - Case of 2 #52 - 20lb total
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Our Extra Fancy Large Pecan Pieces come from the same fine nuts that produce our pecan halves. These large pieces work beautifully in breads, muffins, salads, desserts and more. These Georgia pecan pieces are a quick and easy way to turn an ordinary recipe into an extraordinary one. And with free shipping, there are no surprises at checkout. The price you see is the price you pay.  Kosher certified.

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    Product Description

    Our Large Pecan Pieces combine the three largest USDA pecan piece sizes into one convenient and delicious package. Chefs love the size and texture they add to dishes such as entree salads and artisan muffins and breads.

    Packaging Options

    Our Large Pecan Pieces are available in a variety of sizes of economical home boxes available individually or by the case. And of course, free shipping has always been our standard at Sunnyland Farms so there are never any surprises at checkout.

    More Pecan Pieces

    While our Large Pecan Pieces are excellent for many items many bakers prefer smaller pieces for items such as pies and cakes. We think one can't go wrong with either but for a smaller pecan piece please see our Small Pecan Pieces.

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    Large Pecan Pieces

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    Packaging home box / bulk, 1-pound bags
    Ingredients pecans
    Specialties heart healthy, kosher, raw
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